UV Light Sterilizer
My GermFighter

Good Oral Health is The Key To Overall Health MyGermFighter Picture
Introducing MyGermFighter UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

  • Kills up to 99.9% Germs, Bacteria & Viruses
  • Portable. Great for Traveling, Camping, Hotels, Health Clubs, College Dorms, Home.
  • Suitable for Kids
  • FDA Approved and ADA Accepted


8000 hours UV Tube life, 2 AA battery, etc. For More Benefits And Highlights Of MyGermFighter, Click Below To Find Out More.

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Facts About Toothbrush

Every time you put your trusty toothbrush in your mouth, chances are you’re giving a gang of nasty germs a free ride straight into your system.

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Can MyGermFighter protects my toothbrush?

The main objective for having your own toothbrush sanitizer is to get rid off microorganisms from the toothbrush head and bristles after you brush your teeth. Although you have your own various methods of sterilizing your toothbrush, the essential thing to take note of is where you normally keep it after each time you brush. […]

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How To Repair Damaged Teeth?

Inevitably, your adult teeth cannot be re-grown. Though artificially you can replace the damaged ones but not everyone is able to afford the long-term costs of dental surgery and medications. Hence, what are the steps to fix your existing damaged teeth? Here are six ways you can do to help maintain your existing teeth conditions. […]

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How Do You Check Your Teeth’s Health?

Daily oral care practices can sometimes help you gauge your teeth conditions. Brushing your teeth for instance can signal you on how your teeth responds. Is there anything wrong with your teeth development? Any bleeding from your gum? Experienced any sharp pain while chewing your food? Let us find out. Tooth fillings Long time ago, […]

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