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Which Toothbrush Sanitizer To Choose From?

Came across an advertisement about sanitizing toothbrushes? Perhaps you want to try one out but as you continue to research, there are more of this devices with different features and some with basic features. So which one suits your preferences?

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Safer To Use UV-Sanitized Toothbrush?

The science behind Ultra-Violet (UV) Light is based on the understanding that most microorganisms will not thrive in UV-C light. UV-C is one of the distinct types of colour spectrums for radiation light between 200 to 280 nanometers (nm). The most effective UV-C light for disinfecting surfaces is at 286 nm hence this UV light […]

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Primary School Students Latest HFMD Targets

Straits Times News reported a rise in Hand Foot and Mouth Disease among primary school pupils. Read more here from Straits Times 9th May 2012 article. Summary from the news is that primary schools students are now spreading the disease to their family, not just from their younger kindergarden or preschool siblings anymore. One of […]

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MyGermFighter Reviews

We want to thank MyGermFighter reviewers for their effort in trying out the product. Below are the screen shots we took, and if you want to read their actual review, click on the image or links provided.   Jolene offered a very interesting yet informative on our bathrooms. You may not want to place your […]

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Latest HFMD Cases At Epidemic Levels (Singapore)

Above is an extract from The Straits Times dated 23rd February 2012. One precautionary method parents can adopt is to sanitize their kid’s toothbrush by using MyGermFighter, below is content extract; THE number of cases of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) surged past epidemic levels last week for the first time since 2010. Some […]

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