Frequently Asked Questions

MYGERMFIGHTER Frequently Asked Questions

1. Has MyGermFighter done any product testing?

Yes! MyGermFighter has been laboratory tested and has been approved by FDA and accepted by ADA. It is also awarded ISO13485:2003 and ISO9001:200 by GERMAN DQS.

2. As it uses UV Light, is the bulb permanent or replaceable?

The bulb is permanent but it is very long lasting. It has a UV Tube Life of 8000 hours.

3. Why must I use a UV sterilizer? Why can’t I rinse my toothbrush with water?

Washing your toothbrush only helps to remove the dirt on the brush. With MyGermFighter, up to 99.9% of the harmful germs & bacteria on the brush are killed.

4. Is MyGermFighter UV sterilizer safe to use?

MyGermFighter uses UV light to sterilize. Ultraviolet light (UVC) is also known as germicidal light. Hospitals have used UVC for decades in hospitals to sterilize air.

5. How do I know when the sterilizer has completed the sterilizing process?

You will know that the sterilization process is complete when the UV light automatically shuts off. This takes around 6-8 minutes.

6. How do I clean MyGermFighter?

It is sufficient to use a soft, dry and clean cloth to wipe MyGermFighter. Do not submerge in water or clean the UV lamp with water. Avoid also the use of strong detergents and/or solvents.

7. Is it advisable to clean MyGermFighter often? How often should I clean MyGermFighter?

It is good to clean or wipe down MyGermFighter time to time to ensure the proper and regular operation of the appliance.

8. Can I look straight at the UV Light when in use?

The lamp’s glow is fairly dim, but as the instructions cautions, it is safe not to stare directly at activated lamp.

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