The Best Toothbrush Does Not Mean It Kill Germs

If you are here, most probably you were searching or researching on one of the toothbrush brands stated below;

01) Oral B toothbrush
02) Reach toothbrush
03) Aquafresh toothbrush
04) Bristles Toothbrush
05) Colgate Toothbrush

Why Buying the Best Toothbrush is Not Enough?

Watch videos below to understand  more. It’s taken from “Discovery Channel” and  “Dr Oz show”.

How do you feel about having your toothbrush in the toilet that is full of germs?

Your toilet may or not have the toilet lid to close the toilet bowl. Even if you have it, does not mean
you are free from the germs in the toilet.

What can we do to protect you from the toilet germs?

MyGermFighter is the first UV toothbrush sanitizer to be sold in Singapore. It kills up to 99.9%
of the germs found in your toothbrush.

The size and weight of MyGermFighter is 22cm (length) by 6cm (breath) by 2.6cm (height), and
weights about 145 grams with 2 AA battery. It is like school children carrying a pencil case, making
it compact and light to carry around. Great for travelers and school kids.

MyGermFighter helps to prevent the spreading of HFMD (Hand Foot Mouth Disease), and from
recurring again.

If you are interested in owning MyGermFighter click below;

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