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Are you or your family a fallen victim to HFMD?

OR wary of this onset of HFMD that is making huge waves in Singapore?

But uncertain when this potentially deadly disease can strike your family, innocent children and loved ones?

Increased Cases of HFMD Every Year!

It is indeed very worrying with the huge with the number of HFMD (Hand Foot Mouth Disease) cases every year,
especially so as the numbers are steadily on the rise.
This have had great adverse impact on many countless children & parents not only in Singapore BUT all around the world!
If you were a victim once, you will understand exactly what suffering needs to be endured.

#1 Do you feel helpless when HFMD strikes?

Hoping that it will not strike your family and becoming one of the statistics?

We read many articles everyday on the newspapers about HFMD being on the rise.
We research and read many blogs, reviews and websites to find out how to best prevent HFMD from striking.
However, till date that is no one real solution.

#2 Do you agree that there is very little that can be done
to protect your children & loved ones?

All you can do is to advocating and developing the good habit of the proper washing of hands,
not sharing of items but not really being able to have full control if the disease should strike you and your family.
Without control, you can only hope and pray that this crisis does not befall on ay of your shoulders.

#3 Do you know that you can contract HFMD again after recovery?

If you are unaware, Yes, you can re-contract this potentially deadly disease again even if you have recovered
or are in the midst of recovery from this dreadful illness.
Though you can wash your utensils and your toothbrush used, especially so for your toothbrush, it still contains the HFMD virus!

But the fact is, your toothbrush is a fantastic breeding ground for all other germs & bacteria.
When you use this infected toothbrush again, you are actually spreading the germs & bacteria back to the body again.
Despite having contracted HFMD before, you can fall victim to it once again!

#4 Are You Totally Complacent about HFMD?!

Are you not even putting the minimum effort on educating your children & loved ones on the importance of maintaining proper hygiene
and putting it into daily practice?

Be warned, the ease & speed of  spreading of HFMD makes it easy for group infections to take place especially in communal areas like kindergartens & schools.
Especially with the little ones not being aware of the dangers lurking when sharing their personal items like toothbrush, food utensils etc. with their friends.

Should your children fall sick, you would have to take time off from work to look after your sick children
And in most unfortunate of cases of all contract HFMD yourself.

However, with every dark cloud there is a silver lining.

# What if there was a simple tool that can give you & your family the security of avoiding HFMD?

# What if you can have greater peace of mind even with your children sharing their personal items in school?

# What if you could speed up your recovery of HFMD after contracting it?

# What if all it takes is putting your or your children’s toothbrush in a casing? As simple as that!

# What if with just $50 you can stop all your worrying?

# What if there were no What If….?

Yes! HFMD is a thing of the past now, with MyGermFighter.


is the first UV toothbrush sanitizer to be sold in Singapore.

Introduced and brought in to help battle HFMD.
This simple to use tool kills up to 99.9% of the germs that is found in your toothbrush within a few minutes.
Best of all it is light and portable, easily carried around, brought to schools and even overseas.

The size and weight of MyGermFighter?

22cm (length) by 6cm (breath) by 2.6cm (height)
Weighing only 145 grams.

All it takes is 2nos of AA battery and you are good to go.
It is like as your child’s pencil case, if not smaller and lighter and keeps them safe and sound.

The best part is this costs only S$50.00.

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Find out how, with just a simply daily tool,
the UV Toothbrush Sanitizer can cure your HFMD toils and pains by watching the video below.

Click to watch the following video:

# Fun Fact & Video:

You Are Eating Your Poop Whenever You Brush Your Teeth!

If you do not know why you need to close toilet lid before flushing, you just got to view the video below now.

Invisible germs lurking in the toilet, and your toothbrush is just nearby.

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